Monday, August 12, 2013

Homeschoolers, New Soaps and....?

I had some homeschoolers visit for a "field trip" to Miss Cheri's kitchen last Friday to see how soap is made and how to use herbs in soap. We talked about math and chemistry and saponification! It was SO much fun to have them here.  I let them know that we were making a brand new "secret recipe" that no one has ever seen before.

We sniffed essential oils and guessed what they were - those kids were smart! We sniffed soaps, we tasted lavender buds and we touched creamy oils. We enjoyed the birds on the feeder, and the butterfly bushes which were loaded with butterflies! The kids were a delight and "Miss Cheri" enjoyed them all.

Now it is time to get your thinking caps on - I  continued to make soap all day Friday.  Four batches of soap and three of those were new soaps!  I'm so excited!

One is "new and improved" which means I felt like I could improve on the recipe when I made it the first time.  I've been a year tweaking the recipe and I'll know when I cut it if I love it.

The next soap I think will be my new favorite "kitchen sink soap"  and it was BEAUTIFUL in the pot!.

The last one will be part of my Lavender collection - can't wait to see it!

And finally, I made one of my fall seasonal soaps.  I'm trying to get those done so they will be cured before the first day of fall....think, pumpkin, cinnamon...yummy!

I'm gonna need names for the new soaps and you know what that means...CONTESTS!

Anyone figured out the tiny little things in the last picture?  Here's another picture to help you gauge size..this is HINT #2 - look for HINT #1 in the comments from the previous post....seems like most people are using Facebook to leave their comments. 

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Happy guessing!


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