Friday, August 2, 2013

Sack of Salve is Back and Improved!

Sacks of Salve are back!

This sack of salve is my herbal first-aid kit on the go.  I take it with me almost everywhere I go and every time we travel.  Over time, I found that my Breathe Easy salve has been needed more than my Tea Tree Salve. So, I have replaced the Tea Tree with the Breathe Easy in my sack of salve.

Breathe Easy is what we use anytime we get stuffy and since some of us have seasonal allergies, Breathe Easy is one of our most frequently used salves.  I made this salve because the store-bought alternative is petroleum based and has turpentine in it!  I just didn't want to put those things on my little ones' bodies - remember that everything that goes on your skin moves through your whole body.  Want to try it?  Crush a clove of garlic and rub some on the sole of your foot - it won't be long before you can taste it in your mouth!

I hope you like this latest change! I'm putting my sacks on sale through the weekend to celebrate their return.  You'll automatically get 15% off when you place your order!

Sale ends on Sunday at midnight!


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