Monday, July 22, 2013

Cutting Soap...for the last time!

Well, it's the last time I cut soap this way!

I spent the majority of the afternoon cutting soap - all 140 bars,  It took over 3 hours to get everything cut and up on my curing rack.  Two of my soaps were swirled and I love to cut those!  I promised pictures - tell me what you see!

Here I am skimming the top of my Patchouli soap still in the log so that the bars are pretty and even.

This is what it would look like if I didn't skim it...

I take those trimmings and form little soap balls - which I then throw in all of your orders as little gifts to try. 

I keep a basket of them close to my shipping table so they are easy to toss in every box!

Next came Lock N' Load - this soap temporarily strips your natural oils and leaves you smelling like the forest - great for anyone who doesn't want the animals to know you are there.

In the mold...

Out of the mold!

Then came the fun part.  This one is Chocolate Ice - each time I unwrap it I get the heavenly scent of dark chocolate!

 When I skim this soap, I am always reminded of the chocolate curls I make for my French Silk pie!

Looks good enough to eat but one of my sons can definitely tell you not to taste!

And every bar is different...
Z for Zorro?  Anybody see it?

I'm so excited that I will never cut soap this way again.  Thrilled that the next time I cut soap, I will have a little help!  I've searched for a long time and finally found an affordable answer - when it arrives...I'll share!

These soaps will be up on the website as soon as they are cured.  I still have a few bars (very few bars!) from my last batch of Lock N' Load and Patchouli...I'll open the store for those few items - when they are gone you will see an "available by" date for purchasing this latest batch.


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