Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Soap is like Lettuce!

Yes...it is true....soap is like lettuce...trust me!

When I was growing for market, I had over 42 varieties of lettuce in my garden beds! I had only touched the tip of the iceberg! (no pun intended!)  There are colors, textures, spots and stripes...and they each taste different!

Soap is just like lettuce - the varieties are endless!  Colors, speckles, stripes, textures, scents and they each smell different!  I have so much fun when I am creating new soaps, lip balms and salves. Some might say I am addicted obsessed thorough in my research.

I can't tell you how great the anticipation is when I am about to uncover and cut a new soap! You don't really have a true feel for the soap during the cooking process..scents blend, colors form and even textures change during saponification.  You don't really know what you've created until you cut it.  And when you do...each bar is different - swirls, spots, shapes!  When my boys were little they liked to watch to see what "pictures" they could find as I cut each bar.  The real thrill was when you found your own initial! I get just as excited today as I did when they were little!

I say all of this to excuse explain my mania for all natural body products that are healthy to use... and the fact that I have plans...big plans...plans involving lots of colors, scents, textures....oh the fun I'm going to have!

Stay tuned this week and meet Sweet Cheeks on Thursday - I think you are  going to love her!



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